Debt: The Money of Slaves

“It is very important to gain and have a basic understanding of the true nature of money. One cannot protect what they do not understand…”

An Apology is due to you, our valued readers. We’ve been very quiet here on the offshore banking and asset protection blog lately, and we even sent out our free offshore email newsletter Q Bytes a day late last week! We normally try to send out Q Bytes over the weekend so people have time to read it at leisure. Frankly, we are getting more work than we can cope with at the moment. We are a small company and we give our clients individual attention, referring our clients to the best offshore banks and asset protection specialists – but this is a very time-consuming task.

Governments are sending more and more business our way, as more people like you are beginning to understand how they have been scammed in a big way for years. Things are pretty bad now, but they could get much worse. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on behind the scenes right now, for sure. We want to educate people not just to increase our own business, but because we like helping. Our service is for free + thinking + individuals. If we can help people protect their assets, use the offshore banking system to their advantage, and build and create real wealth offshore, then we are doing something very valuable. Whether you come on board with us, or just follow the mainstream media hype, is very much your decision.

Our contacts are the most valuable part of our business. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been in five different countries, building up, reinforcing and doing ongoing due diligence on those contacts. We search out the best alternative investment, wealth creation and offshore wealth building opportunities for our readers. It is a time-consuming and expensive task… that you can get the full benefit of with our membership costing just $87 per year. So if you are not yet a member, please do sign up now. We will have to increase our prices soon, but you can lock in a lifetime of savings – because we guarantee that if you join now, the rate will stay the same in future years.

One of these contacts is Linda Dixon, the Canadian accountant and entrepreneur who has been writing for Q Wealth for more than ten years. Linda decided a few years ago that the time was right to get into the gold mining business in Peru. Linda’s slogan is “mining wealth responsibly” – her business plan being very different to the big miners. Linda takes care that her mining operations are both ecologically and socially sustainable, by giving back to the communities in Peru. Perhaps most importantly, she doesn’t sell any gold to the cartel, preferring instead to sell direct to investors like me and you.

“Why did has gold retained and increased in value during such a turbulent time?” writes Linda in an article on her gold mining business for the next issue of Q Wealth Report. “Because people know gold is a safe haven, a protector of wealth. Always the horizon sets on the fiat currency and gold returns. The true measure of wealth. The long standing protection of wealth.”

Gold is the money of Monarchs…
Silver is the money of gentlemen…
Barter is the money of peasants…
Debt is the money of slaves…

See for yourself. There are many documentaries now addressing this fact. Best place to have a look is on Go and have a search for “fiat money”

One “mainstream” clip on YouTube is “The US Dollar, Fiat Currency or Fake Money?” Look at this one and look at others that pop up as related. It is very important to gain and have a basic understanding of the true nature money. One cannot protect what they do not understand….

You see, the currency that is known as the US Dollar is actually not owned by the US government. It is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is neither federal nor a reserve. It is privately owned company that is legally able to print money out of thin air, literally. Hence “fiat” – a Latin word literally meaning “by order.”

The great wealth in America was built with private money being channeled into private ventures. Then the banks came along and began to put in place the system we now call the Federal Reserve and the fiat money system.

At first the people knew not to trust the banks and the first few attempts at fiat currency failed. People saw it for what it was… not real. People said no to fiat and yes to their gold and silver. However, bit by bit it changed. Then the powers that be removed the gold standard support from the USD. Since then, our so-called money has lost value, has devalued year after year after year.

How is buying gold part of the solution to protecting your assets and your purchasing power from the gradual collapse of fiat money?

Rather than supporting another multinational cartel, which in many ways contributed to the financial meltdown, Linda recommends you buy gold direct from the private producer. This may sound complicated, but it isn’t. How would you like it if the gold you were buying was processed in an environmentally positive and conscious manner? And, how would you like it if the gold you buy helps local communities?

The above is a brief taste of what you will find in an article by Linda Dixon in an upcoming edition of The Q Wealth Report, our flagship quarterly newsletter reserved for paid-up members only. In the meantime you’ll find more information on Linda’s company (along with several other, completely different, gold options) in The Gold Report – How to Buy and Hide Gold Bullion Offshore. It’s available free for instant download in our Members’ Area. If you’re a member, have you read The Gold Report yet? If you’re not a member, what are you waiting for? Sign up right now.

More coming soon!

Regards from your friends offshore.

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