Cryptohippie: A solution for guarding your identity on the internet

Everyone once in a while during life you discover something new and genuine that is truly a surprise. This week was just one of those experiences and I would like to share it with you.

A long time member of The Q Wealth Report is an entrepreneur who has an amazing company that enhances your personal safety and security. He will remain nameless unless he chooses to reveal his identity to us. Though apparently, some of you have already met him!

Before I tell you more, here’s the background.  When you log on to the Internet, you do so via an ISP, an Internet Service Provider, whose servers monitor and record all you do – every email, chat, Web page, everything.

And if the police or Feds tell your ISP they need to see your record of your online activity, the ISP must provide it.  Nervous yet?

It gets worse.  A recent Federal Court ruling declares that you have no right to keep your “Internet identity” private.  Your computer has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address that identifies it – and the ruling provides an Open Sesame for anyone to track it.

You leave tracks of yourself everywhere you go on the Net – and you would be amazed at how information-mining techniques can piece it together and find out all about you.

The solution is to anonymize yourself and your computer by using a VPN – a Virtual Private Network.   It acts as a “proxy” between your ISP and the Net – all your ISP records is that you go to the VPN and can’t see beyond it, while all any Web site sees is the IP of the VPN and not yours.  You can surf the Net in complete privacy.

But there’s a big problem:  there are lots of VPN’s around the globe and many are run by criminals to extract data they should be protecting!

Which brings us to our anonymous Q Wealth member – for after all, anonymity is the name of this game, right? – and his company:  Cryptohippie. It is a rather unusual name that matches its unusual capabilities.

Cryptohippie is a VPN you can trust.  It’s also the best.

Their technical specialist was responsible for setting up security for some of the most secure offshore banks in the world. Imagine what two European countries who protect and guard their clients assets and information the most. One countries name begins with an L and the other an S.

Here is what Cryptohippie can do for you. It protects you and your freedom with privacy. Once a member, you log on to a secure web authentication server that immediately transports your browsing journey onto ultra-fast, secure routers spread around the globe.

Sophisticated algorithms encrypts your data immediately and seamlessly. So as you sign onto your regular ISP as normal, a private tunnel is created for your information and data to pass.

Your information is thus anonymized by Cryptohippie as it communicates with Google, Yahoo, Amazon and anywhere else.

Your IP identifying information is replaced with Cryptohippie’s information so Amazon or anyone else will not know it is you or where you came from, unless you purchase something from them. At that point your identity will be revealed to the retailer; however, they will still not know how you got there, or where you are signing in.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that they also have a secure email package that is part of their Roadwarrior package. The basic three tiers of products currently offered are Roadwarrior for telecommuters and mobile folks.

Enterprise packages are for corporations and businesses that need a larger scale and dedicated hardware versus the individual Roadwarrior account.

Their Servers are what is called LAS (Location Agnostic Servers).  These servers are the best protection against theft, and are very tenacious in their ability to thwart intrusive attacks. Several of these highly successful LAS nodes spread around the globe provides a unique level of protection.

The nodes are scattered through Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland and there is a node in Panama.  Important note:  They are not in the US, where the Feds could get at them.

Offline encrypted storage is also available. If you prefer and request, your data can be totally anonymous, even from their employees.  I have been personally been using Cryptohippie, and am extremely impressed by the services offered.

There are some exciting new products coming soon from Cryptohippie that I cannot discuss at this time, but I can assure you they are of equal caliber to their existing products.

Why do we need such protection you might ask?  Let’s put it this way: sending an email is as private as post-card.

The crux of the matter is that you must define your own security and be responsible for your own safety.

Seek knowledge without surveillance!

This article was contributed by Anonymous to The Q Wealth Offshore Banking Blog

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