Credit Bureaux and Global Data Leaks

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News just in from the British newsletter about a seriers of data leaks (six million Chileans are the latest victims) got me thinking about something else I read a few weeks back over at Vera Verba. Sean Hastings, co-author of ‘God Wants You Dead’, wrote:

A lot of the people that I tend to socialize with are libertarian types with strong feelings about freedom and privacy. I have always been very pro-freedom, but am skeptical about the need for privacy.

You can read the full article here. Meanwhile here is the news from no2id:

The personal data of six million Chileans were stolen at the beginning
of May and briefly published on a website. They included names, e-mail
addresses and street addresses. A hacker said he stole them online from
the health ministry, the electoral authority and the state-run phone
company. Not to be outdone, the highly official website of the Swiss
Justice and Police Ministry has just published a confidential document
about Europe’s Schengen immigration control arrangements. But it was all
a “mistake” a ministry spokesman said — prompting some Swiss to wonder
what the ministry might get up to with even more important data, namely
theirs. Next door, the German government has admitted that 189 desktop
computers, 328 laptops, 38 data storage devices and 271 mobile phones
belonging to the federal authorities went missing between 2005 and 2007.
48 of them disappeared outside Germany. Some contained sensitive or
secret data.

This of course comes hot on the heals of followup from Italy, regarding the brief publication of all Italian tax returns on the internet. Although the Italian government quickly removed the site, The Economist reports that the data is now being offered on Ebay.

So, should we be prepared to give up our privacy, to keep our freedom… as western governments are so keen on persuading us? Do we need to be under constant surveillance so the government can keep us safe? Not on your life! I am making a conscious effort to escape the matrix by refusing to provide personal data unless absolutely necessary.

Credit bureaux areĀ somethe worst offenders, as I wrote recently in The Q Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2008 which is available for free download now to all Q Wealth Members. Fact is, nobody even bothers to write about data leaks from credit bureaux because private financial data is leaking out every minute of every day in quite a routine manner.

At Q Wealth we always focus on practical solutions. There is one solution to the credit bureaux data leak problem – and that is to use only offshore bank accounts and credit cards. Offshore banks do not file these horrible credit bureaux reports.

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