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We all know that there are investment scams out there, both offshore and onshore. Almost every week we come across a new scam (and that is not counting the electronic e-gold money games and the like that are barely even worth mentioning). That is why we offer ourPremium Q Wealth Report paid-up members a free due diligence consultation within our area of expertise which includes international and offshore investing, as well as so-called High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs). In fact, members also benefit from a free downloadable report called “HYIP-Hype”

In recent months we have been contacted many times by members enquiring about a company known as Hatfield Oak (website: or Hatfield Oak International. This website belongs to a financial services company based in Panama with the motto “Your Partner for Asset and Tax Planning, Corporate Structures, Payment Solutions and Investments.”

We don’t want to keep answering the same questions over and over again. The large volume of enquiries we have received about them has led us to publish some findings in public for the benefit of our members. The information below is gleaned only from public records in Panama and the company’s own website.

Please be clear that we are NOT accusing this company of any wrongdoing. However, we draw our members’ attention to the following:

  • Hatfield Oak are apparently offering services very similar to a bank, though they are at pains to point out that they are a payment processing company. Their website suggests that they are licensed to provide financial services. We consider this to be an attempt to mislead. Yes, they do have a document that appears to be a license for third party payment processing (amongst other things like business consulting and courier services.) However this is NOT a financial type license. In Panama every business must have a commercial license, and this kind of license (that Hatfield Oak has) is the same type of license you need for say a grocery store or a hairdresser. Financial entities are regulated under a completely separate licensing system. You can verify this at the website of the Panama Financial Regulator (in Spanish only).
  • Hatfield Oak apparently have a New Zealand financial company as well. It’s worth pointing out that this kind of financial company is not regulated like a bank in New Zealand either. That is why it is not called a bank. Neither is it permitted to carry on banking business in New Zealand.
  • The company’s domain name is registered to Domains by Proxy Inc (an associate of Godaddy) This is very unusual procedure for a company offering financial services. More to the point, is that it places the domain and the business firmly within US jurisdiction.
  • Their internal law office “Hatfield Corporate Law Firm” appears to be run by nominees.
  • The company do not appear to have any valid contact information.

Hatfield Oak appears to be a private company offering certain services that cannot be considered a substitute for a proper offshore structure with a bank account.

Q Wealth Report members requiring further information are welcome to contact us. If you would like to learn more about a few pitfalls of doing business in Panama, please check out our article Panama Offshore Banking and Corporations: Hidden Truths Revealed

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  1. Wollenberg International (, part 2

    Wollenberg International claims to be based in Panama. The address they give

    PH Torre cosmos suite 13A

    Searching with this address, one finds that this is exactly the same address used by another fraudulent investment web site: Scandinavian Networking Group (, which has been exposed at Here is an excerpt of the Panamanian documents of SNG (taken from moneymakergroup):

    As one will notice, the address is the same as for Wollenberg. So, either Wollenberg ING copied it from SNG, or they are the same operation. In either case, this looks like a scam.

    The same address is used by what looks like yet another dubious investment site, (Siam Gain S.A.):

    Siaminvestcorp has links to Hatfield Oak International, which in turn had links with SNGinvest (see

    Then there is a representative of the based in this apartment:

    Furthere, we find an application form under listing Hatfield Oak's address in the same place:

    although Hatfield seems to have another address: itself is an advertisement board for such sites as AmityFunds, SNGInvest, A3Union, ExclusiveCircle, FantasticPay, FeederFund, FX Club and more.

    Sewercash has previously exposed Amityfunds as also being located in the same place Findings on Amityfunds

    And people involved in Amityfunds and SNGinvest are prosecuted:

    If you look at the Torre Cosmos Floor plans, the apartment tower where the address is, you will find that it contains 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, and four 2-bedroom penthouses on top. Apartment A on the 13th floor is a 3-bedroom apartment.

    Well, well, this little apartment in Panama is pretty crowded…

    Hence, Wollenberg is lying about being in Panama, or it's part of the SNGinvest/Amityfunds circle of fraudulent companies.

    Posted by watchout at 5:45 AM

    Labels: fake investment opportunities, fraud, scams, siaminvestcorp, snginvest, wollenberg.

    Thre names that keep coming up:

    Frode Jorgensen. From the ponzi scam Plexplay, still investigated by Norgewian police.

    Tom sornes, several scam already under his belt. World Games Incorporated.

    Tord Myhre, associated with Plexplay.

    All 3 have been arrested before by Nowegian authorities. Tom sornes suspected behind the Wincapita ponzi in Finland.

  2. I'm so disillusioned and upset. If true, I have pretty much lost all my life savings with a company called Oxford Privacy Group run by supposedly a former Annapolis grad named T. J. Coughlin. That was the only reason I put my money in this thing. OICU has recently told us that we must purchase an account at Hatfield Oak. OICU (Oxford International Credit Union) is being reported as a scam as well.

  3. Just thinking about stuff like this gives me a better sense of what I'm doing. Sites like this are really helping people who just don't have anywhere else to get this kind of information.

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