Advantages of a Second Passport

February 14, 2009

Traveling with a second or even a third passport is becoming far more commonplace and accepted – that’s the conclusion of a

How to Obtain a Legal Second Passport and Tax Free Status by Investing in the Sugar Industry

August 25, 2008

Investing in dying industries is not normally a smart thing to do… unless you can get some benefit from a government by

A New Life in New Zealand?

August 20, 2008

Along with Australia, France and Spain, New Zealand is in the top four destinations or Brits deciding to expatriate. It’s also attracted

Citizenship and Residence in the Republic of Paraguay

July 5, 2008

Anyone seeking a tax-free residence, possibly leading to a legal second citizenship, should seriously consider The Republic of Paraguay, which has one of the

Caribbean Second Citizenship in the News

May 28, 2008

Second citizenships from the Caribbean have been in the news recently. This time, however, it’s nothing to do with the economic citizenship