Campione – Italian Tax Haven Enclave in Switzerland

With all the fuss going on about Swiss banking right now, many people might have overlooked the fact that you can simply move to Switzerland and live virtually tax-free, legally, and without being subject to notoriously strict Swiss immigration controls. How? Through the Italian tax haven enclave of Campione d’Italia – a little part of Italy, with some very special personal tax concessions, that functions like a part of Swiss territory.

“The first pure haven I remember reading about was Campione D’Italia, a village sized city on the shores of Lake Lugano in Switzerland and the first person I ever heard write or talk about Campione was Harry Schultz, publisher of the Harry Schultz International Newsletter” writes  Roger Gallo of Escape Artist. “Harry Schultz was the only one around at that time who was using the then uncommon word, ‘international’ when he spoke, and he was also the only one who was writing for an American audience who seemed to know all of the offshore secrets, and he knew scores of them.  He was years ahead of almost everyone else in writing about asset protection and he was the first to write about offshore investing. Harry has been publishing his newsletter for 41 years and it still very much garners the respect of most of the current lineup of hotshot investment gurus.”

Campione d’Italia is a small Italian commune of 1.7 square kilometres located entirely within Switzerland, on the eastern shore of Lake Lugano at the foot of a beautiful mountain. There are approximately 3,000 inhabitants, about 1,000 of them foreigners. The official currency is the Swiss Franc, but the Euro is accepted as well. All banking is done through Swiss banks. A famous Casino generates substantial revenue, which is one of the reasons why the residents of Campione enjoy some very special tax concessions.

Campione’s tax advantages only apply to private persons resident in Campione, and not to companies domiciled or managed from there (except that there is no VAT in Campione, which I suppose is a big advantage for companies)

How can you obtain a residence permit in Campione? You must normally buy an apartment or a house – simply because there is very rarely the opportunity to rent. Currently, however, I know of an opportunity to obtain a residence permit by renting. A client of mine is privately renting one of the nicest fully furnished, ultra modern duplex apartments in Campione Switzerland for EUR 2900 per month. It is located on the only sand beach with palm trees that we know of, in Ticino (what my client calls the “Banana Belt of Switzerland”). The deal is you pay one year in advance and that includes the right to Swiss & EU residency. He’s also prepared to sell at EUR 365,000. For more information contact me via [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch.

To sum up some of the many advantages of being resident in Campione d’Italia:

* Political, social and economic stability
* First-class Swiss infrastructure
* Swiss Franc is the official currency
* Banking through Swiss banks with Swiss banking secrecy
* Attractive lifestyle in a quiet, clean environment
* Efficient and reliable public services
* Swiss postal services, telephone numbers and car registration plates
* Effectively resident in Switzerland – with E.U. residence permit
* No value added tax (VAT)
* Special income tax concessions, no inheritance or gift tax

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16 thoughts on “Campione – Italian Tax Haven Enclave in Switzerland”

  1. Dear Andre and Nicholas… we asked our friend, a long time resident of Campione, for information on the current tax situation on your behalf. Here is his reply:

    "For a non-Italian who lives in Campione, the income tax is essentially, ZERO.

    "There is no property tax if property is held in personal name. There is a very low property tax otherwise.

    "For Italians, there is a special exchange rate and very favorable way of computing taxable income.

    "The result is that the income tax for Italians who choose to file tax returns, is negligible.

    "We choose not to reveal all the fine points in print.

    "It is worth considring Campione residence or a vacation secondary home for anyone who might like to live in the relatively mild climate of the Lake Lugano area of Switzerland, with Swiss postal address and Swiss phone, Swiss health and Swiss cheap broadband internet service providers. You also get Swiss license plates for your car, but no Swiss [heavy income] taxes and no Swiss Military service.

    "So Campione is an interesting option for anyone who wants a tax haven residence, but doesn't want to spend the 20X more that Monaco would cost… It is similar to Andorra taxwise, but warmer, and more conveniently located. It is a short drive to Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany or France."

    If you are looking for a good contact in Campione (a retired lawyer who has practiced in USA and Switzerland and other countries) our friend could help out. If you are a Q Wealth Member feel free to contact the office and ask for the direct e-mail address of our friend in Campione. He charges EUR 1000 initial fee and will be glad to anwer all your questions in a face-to-face personal conference in Campione or elsewhere, and he can also put you in touch with good deals on rental property; apartments or villas for sale, and see to it that you are on the right and fastest track for Campione legal residence.

  2. Is it possible to obtain the residence permit but actually not live there? Otherwise, how long do I have to stay in Campione to obtain the residence permit?



  3. hi there,

    I am interested in finding a rental property in Campione initially for 1 year while looking for a property to buy. Is this possible?



  4. Is it possible to obtain the residence permit but actually not live there? Otherwise, how long do I have to stay in Campione to obtain the residence permit?


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    • normantingee. Unfortunately not that easy but nearly as attractive anyway. Buying a property in Campione gets you residency but not citizenship (passport). Residency is key to obtain before you can begin the waiting game for becoming a naturalized citizen…in the case of Switzerland this is a 10+ process.

      Again, Swiss/EU residency is still a very nice and useful thing to have and confers all sorts of benefits. If it is a passport you seek and you’d like it in less than 10-15 years you should look to Paraguay (immediate residency for only a few thousand and 2 years till citizenship) or if you’d like a passport this year then look to the citizenship via investment programs in the Caribbean (St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada – all avg around $400,000 for an approved property and your passport will be granted within 4-6 months).

  6. Dear Sir!

    I would like to know now if I move from Slovakia to have a resindental of campione ,

    How many is the personal income tax?



  7. Campione is what the experts call a “de facto tax haven” which means as a practical matter you won’t pay any income taxes. The biggest tax is “spatzatura” or garbage collection which depends on the square meters of the appt you own or rent. Anywhere from 50c to €3 a day. Here is info on a lace currently for rent or sale by me- If any questions, please ask. I have been living in Campione for around 20 years.

  8. Well, I don’t see how Swiss citizenship is possible from living in Campione, as it is actually part of Italy, not Switzerland… please correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Hello

    Can you please update this article to reflect the major changes and how they specifically relate to Campione d’Italia, which relate to tax etc ie

    – the Italian Lump sum taxation scheme (100K per year)
    – Custom and Vat changes
    – The closing of the Casino, which was the main income generator of Campione ie how will that effect the viability / attractiveness of the enclave for HNWI’s.

    Kind regards


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