A Big Question About Gold and The Dollar.

Why is the gold price dropping even though the dollar is losing value?


Bud Conrad, Casey Research chief economist, predicts in this fascinating interview with Future Money Trends that the US dollar will implode and be replaced with a new currency, quite possibly one backed by gold.


If that is so then why is the gold price dropping like a brick in the face of dollar devaluation?

Watch the video for Bud’s eye-opening answer…

Here are few notes I took for your reference:

At 1:05 the long term future of economy and a new currency?

At 1:45 Gold at $10,000 per oz in your lifetime?

At 2:45 There may still be room for US Stocks to grow.

At 3:30 Bonds aren’t looking so rosy.

At 5:45 Sudden drops in Gold price are not normal. Big trades happening

At 8:05 Which big bank took an incredibly large delivery of Gold this year that dominated the market

So the question then.  Is now a good time to load up on gold—and how should you invest?

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