10 thoughts on “Best and Safest Offshore Bank Accounts and Countries?”

  1. Hello,

    yesterday I was in the process of signing up and had entered all the relavent data, pressed submit and the webpage disapeared. I am wondering what is hapening about my signing up was it accepted or rejected please inform me.


    Mr Julian

    • Dear Mr Julian,

      We are sorry to hear about this problem. Please feel free to contact our friendly Member Service team and they will fix the problem for you. They can be contacted by clicking on the CONTACT US link from the main Q Wealth home page.

      Kind regards,

  2. I cannot recommend Lloyds-TSB (Isle of Man). Why?

    1. In the 90s they sent my bank card to the wrong country

    2. They kept freezing my account because they thought My ATM withdrawals were suspicious (I was traveling!)

    3. They cancelled all US dollar chequing privileges because the USA pressured them.

    4. They cancelled my ATM privileges because I had 'irregular' income (despite paying my fees). I suppose being an overseas English teacher wasn't good enough for them.

  3. Isle of Man is site of many looters of your hard-earned wealth. As one who was badly stung by “British” firm doing business offshore on Isle of Man, I strongly recommend that you not put any money into any account, pension or securities scheme run out of the Isle of Man. They will get you with the fees and charges — often added after a contract has been signed — and then you will discover that there is no regulatory authority on the Isle of Man. I.e. If you do contact the “Regulatory Authority” they will tell you that they are “not yet” authorized to handle the sort of complaint you are bringing. Isle of Man is a bucket into which many unwitting souls have thrown their savings.

  4. Offshore-Bank-Account.eu <[email protected]

    Total Scam site.. Look good but just a fake.

    Please take care or like me you will loose $200. I have been looking to find a way to get this site removed from business but so far I have had no luck.
    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help.


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