Are you ready for Obama’s Retirement Trap?

“How to Build a Bridge to Real Retirement Security”  That’s the theme of a special new report we have just uploaded to the Q Wealth Members Area. Q Wealth members may now download it free of charge. If you’re not yet a Q Wealth member, see what you are missing!

Myself and a colleague had the great pleasure of meeting Ron Holland recently at a conference in Nassau, Bahamas, where he officially launched this new report.

Days later, on January 25th, one of the predictions made in this report already came true: Obama was already talking about mandatory IRAs for smaller employers.

Just a few days ago on March 22nd, Bloomberg announced that the bond market is saying that it’s safer to lend to Warren Buffett than Barack Obama. The loss of Triple-A (AAA) status for US Treasury Bonds is another prediction made in Ron’s report. America will use about 7 percent of taxes for debt payments in 2010 and almost 11 percent in 2013, moving “substantially” closer to losing its AAA rating, Moody’s said just last week.

So those two predictions are already coming to pass. But fortunately, there is still time to take action on this report and particularly on the concrete, step-by-step solutions contained therein. So I’m very happy that we were able to make a deal with our friends at BFI Consulting in Switzerland to bring this report to Q Wealth members.

In this report you will read about Stealth Nationalization and how your retirement plan is set to become Washington’s ATM machine. You, says Ron, will (via your retirement plan) be the final buyer of collapsing US Treasury Obligations! There will be no public outcry because so many people will benefit – at your expense!

But you can take action now to protect your retirement funds. This report tells you how. It tells you what strategies you should be looking to pursue, and why you should forget about involving the government in your retirement. Look instead at non-qualifying multi-currency offshore investments as a way to safeguard your wealth and your future. If you must keep your Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) says Ron, make sure YOU are the trustee – as in a self-directed retirement plan or unleashed IRA.

I would urge you to download and read this report now. It’s available free to Q Wealth Members. If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up in a matter of minutes for the price of a good lunch!

2 thoughts on “Are you ready for Obama’s Retirement Trap?”

  1. That is really unfortunate. I was just starting to get over the Obama healthcare trap. The ratings from the organization will go up over time, but right now we should really focus on the current fianances. Keep up the great work with your blog posts.

  2. I would definitely not put it in ICBC, that’s for sure! We thgouht China’s banks were all connected, and when my husband’s bank card got stolen after we moved cities, we thgouht we could show our ID to get the money out. How wrong we were! We had to travel back by plane in a different city to the bank where we first set up our account a year ago to retrieve it! Lesson of the day: always put your money in a well connected, well trusted bank. That’s where my winnings would go!


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