Are you consistently beating the markets?

LaurensV3-198x198By Laurens Bensdorp

Are you consistently beating the markets? – Do you have a system that provides helpful instructions how to trade in bull, bear and sideways markets?

Do you spend less than 30 minutes a day managing your trades?

Do you know exactly what you will do-with confidence-before the market opens each day?

Unless you answered ‘Yes’ to each of the questions above, you can benefit from our mentoring at the Trading Mastery School. Our mentoring programs are unlike any other program on the market.

Private mentoring with the Trading Mastery School is not about buying software, being faster than the next trader, slicing charts into milliseconds, or whether you believe in fundamentals or technical analysis.

All mentoring programs begin and end with YOU. Whether you’re an experienced fund manager who wants to take his trading to another level or a newbie who’s just starting out, I can help you become a master trader and join the elite group of traders who make the markets work for them.

I know what’s it’s like to be in the trenches, struggling every day to remain profitable. I lost nearly 30% of my parents’ retirement account and spent the next decade studying the market every waking hour of every day. What I learned changed my life…and in good times and bad, through bubbles and busts, I’ve earned record-breaking returns in just 15 minutes a day.

I want to help you to do the same.

In order to transform you into an elite trader, I’ve developed an intensive training curriculum that will help you learn what separates the 1% who live in mansions and travel the world living their dream life.

What I will teach you isn’t hard-but it does require discipline and commitment.

The research, innovation and years of soul-searching have already been done. By me.

I’m willing to share that with you-if you’re willing to go on a journey of personal discovery and achievement.

It calls for a discipline to trade your plan, coming up with low-risk ideas, developing trading systems that have a proven edge and which do not correlate with each other. It requires developing the right risk and money management strategies, among other tools.  And it all begins with creating a trading method that is uniquely cut for you, not anyone else.

Next time I’ll tell you all about these programmes, but if you would like to contact me right away please email Frederick on

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