Who we are

Meet our team here.

Q Wealth can trace its roots back to the south of England, having its first offices near Southampton. Over the years, however, we took advantage of technology and today we practice what we preach. The Q Wealth Report is operated by Q Wealth Limited, incorporated in the Republic of Vanuatu (South Pacific), an interesting offshore financial centre that also runs a citizenship-by-investment programme.

Our writers and client service staff are digital nomads or Perpetual Travellers who typically work from their laptops wherever they are. Once or twice a year, we all get together in a convenient location for a few days of business and fun at a Q Wealth Summit.

At Q Wealth, what counts is our service.

We live in a highly unstable world. Big Brother is monitoring us and our assets more than ever before. Old paradigms of offshore banking have changed drastically with FATCA, CRS and other forms of information exchange.

But our philosophy is overwhelmingly positive, pragmatic and solution based. There’s no point in just ranting about problems – our members need real, achievable and compliant solutions. Personal service and attention are cornerstones of our business.

Despite our international scope and capabilities, Q Wealth Limited develops and delivers personal service, and values long-term relationships with our clients and business partners. That’s why we call our clients members, not just readers. We know many of them individually and frequently meet up at events or on our travels. Many of our readers have been with us since we started in the 1990s as a hard-copy newsletter.


What we do

There are many things successful people need to think about, that the dumbed-down mainstream media never tell us. But at QW, we don’t like to dwell on the negative. We cover it from a point of view “here’s what you need to be aware of and here’s what you can do about it.”

Our job is to give you reliable, trustworthy information – and access to contacts – that you simply wouldn’t find elsewhere. All in a concise, enjoyable and friendly manner. Despite the wealth of information on the internet, there is so much fake news and downright dangerous information, that we have returned to basics: most of the information we gather for our clients is obtained in face-to-face meetings, checked and rechecked. W place a big emphasis on compliance and due diligence, and we are considered experts at avoiding and exposing scammers.

Throughout this site you will find specific information, analysis and practical strategies that you can certainly apply specifically in your life and situation as it is right now, to preserve and create wealth in a secure, international investing environment.


About our Experts

They are smart, free + thinking + individuals like yourself that want to learn the secrets the super-rich have already discovered. They want to know how to build a successful plan to manage wealth and develop a strategy for growth.

There is no magic behind financial success, just tools and know-how. Q Wealth offers you highly specialised and effective insider knowledge in order to manage your life plan.

What the Q Wealth Report is not.

The Q Wealth Report is not a gimmick, a scam, a fly-by-night “opportunity”. Neither do we sell anything except information. We do not sell investments or legal advice. We are publishers not consultants. Many of our expert writers are indeed licensed, qualified and practising professionals who are available for informal and formal meetings, but any personal advice they give you would be the subject of an agreement directly between you and them – Q Wealth Limited is not directly involved.

What the Q Wealth Report is.

The Q Wealth Report is a one-of-a-kind compilation of years of expertise and experience, provided for you by a panel of expert consultants and analysts in the areas of offshore investing and tax havens, trusts and insurance, portfolio investment management, Global Investing, Second Citizenship and Residency, and Free Globalist Thinking.

These are people who have worked hard to reach the level of understanding that can now be of benefit to you, in your own financial plans, via the information on the site.