Rare Earth Metals: A New Offshore Investment for Privacy and Profit

Announcing Peter Macfarlane’s new report on how to invest offshore in rare earth metals and rare industrial metals – and how you can invest in these physical methods for privacy and profit!

With gold having reached an all time high again yesterday, and silver soaring back upwards, investors’ eyes are once again closely focused on precious metals. Our advice in Q Bytes of a few weeks ago to buy up gold has paid off handsomely again. One client recently wrote in about how surprised he is that the world seems to be going bankrupt. On both sides of the Atlantic, emotions and concerns are running high. Asia is the notable exception to the doom and gloom – which is why we are running our next event there this October. More details soon, or email us if you would like to be notified in advance.

Meanwhile, offshore banking expert and consultant Peter Macfarlane has just finished his latest new research report that he’s been busy on for the last few months. It’s downloadable as of today free of charge for Q Wealth members – just log in and look under ‘Special Reports for Members.‘. It’s about another metal investing class, one that we also expect will see substantial gains over the next few years. And once again it’s also about investing in physical, hard money assets with no reliance on banks, stock markets or the global financial system.

This report is about rare earth and rare industrial metals. These rare metals are essential ingredients in many high tech products, from iPads to solar panels. They have been called ‘green elements’ (although this report explains why that is really a misnomer) Still, we believe that the world will continue to consume and demand more and more of these metals for complex industrial processes

Investing offshore in rare metals is also an investment play on Asia and especially the Chinese economy and currency. China currently controls 97% of the world’s supply of rare earth metals. The Chinese have effectively stopped exports of these essential rare metals to the rest of the world, simply because they need their entire production capacity and more to feed the Chinese industrial giant.

This report explains how you as a private individual anywhere in the world can buy physical rare metals and have them stored in a tax-free Swiss vault. Any time you want to take physical delivery you can (subject of course to taxes and shipping costs and government restrictions.) Stockpiling rare metals seems to us like an excellent way to secure a part of your wealth offshore for the future. Unlike gold and silver, these metals are less sensitive to governments since they are not traditionally used as money. There are no reporting requirements on this asset class. In fact, there’s even a way to hold this investment completely anonymously.

For further details of how you can achieve privacy, profit and asset protection read our Rare Metals Investing page, or go directly to the report in the Members Area. If you are not yet a member of Q Wealth, besides instant access to this report you can get a whole range of other exclusive benefits that are listed here.

IMPORTANT: this report also contains a number of warnings about how NOT to invest in rare earth metals. Some classes of investment are already in bubble mode. Please take note.

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