A New Life in New Zealand?

Along with Australia, France and Spain, New Zealand is in the top four destinations or Brits deciding to expatriate. It’s also attracted many immigrants from Asia over recent years. New Zealand offers stability and neutrality, a beautiful country, a booming economy, and a healthy, stress-free lifestyle that is not found these days in other first world English speaking countries. Or, as W.G. Hill once said, it’s great if you like fishing and no nukes.

The good news is that a major new immigration bill is working its way through parliament designed to make it even easier for you to emigrate to New Zealand. The birth rate in New Zealand is too low to fill the many job vacancies that are arising. Besides, New Zealand loses many citizens every year as they move to the likes of Australia and the United Kingdom seeking their fortunes. The population is aging and the kiwis know that they need new immigrants to fill the gap if growth is to be sustained.

The new immigration bill is designed to make the move to NZ much more smooth and straightforward, by razing a number of bureaucratic hassles from the procedure. Immigrants will not only be given visas, but also the support they need to make a transition to a new life in NZ a success.  This is all exceptionally good news for those hoping to move to New Zealand for a new and better life.  Watch out for the new immigration bill, and visit the New Zealand Immigration Department’s website for continuous updates on how to apply for visas to go and live, work or retire offshore in New Zealand.

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