Hong Kong Banking, Living Successfully in Uruguay, and More…

It’s certainly been a turbulent week, even by the standards of this year! Reuters, for example, is hyping about High-flying gold crashing in $100 freefall. I’ve addressed this in detail, what you should be doing (buying farmland, precious metals etc) and what you should not be doing (freaking out about short term fiat currency and metal price movements) in a special last-minute addition to the latest Q Wealth Report.

Edition 58 is available now for download here.

In it you will find for example:

  • A detailed article on banking in Hong Kong. This including my suggestion on the best way to open an account… that is not what most of the HK corporate service providers will recommend. And our analysis of the Tax Information Exchange Agreements in place in Hong Kong, as well as the regulation and security of Hong Kong banks. We also cover the possibilities to open accounts without travelling to the territory.
  • An article by young entrepreneur Adam Richardson on the use of internet tools in your business.  I have personally learned a lot from Adam, a Q Wealth member whom I met at our event in Cancun a couple of years back. See if you can benefit from his experience and the strategies he proposes.
  • A Complete Guide to Uruguay by our recommended contact there. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to open a bank account in Uruguay, how to get residence, how to get there and around, and more… our contact’s details are included and he is happy to help out readers who are interested in knowing more.

This and much more is in the latest Q Wealth Report. If you’re not yet a member, this is what you are missing out on!

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