5,000 kids a month added to Britain’s DNA database

One in four people being added to the UK’s huge national DNA database is a child. Do you think this is right? Not much shocks us at Q Wealth, but playing with kids’ DNA still shocks us. Not to mention that we are researching zan article right now on forced adoptions in the UK, where perfectly kids are forcibly removed from perfectly health parents… but more on that later. Watch this space.

According to Christopher Hope of The Telegraph, this “figure provides further evidence that the Government’s “Big Brother” national database is increasingly targeting young people before they are old enough to vote.”

The news has prompted concerns from civil liberties campaigners that Britain is a “surveillance state”. Wow, at Q Wealth we would never have figured that :) !!!

Liberal Democrat Justice spokesman Jenny Willott is quoted as saying:

There is something horribly Big Brotherish about a society that is adding over 5,000 kids a month to a DNA database when they’re not even old enough to get a National Insurance Number.

To read the full text of The Telegraph’s article, go here:


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