Why Central Banks Are Pressing Investors To Hold Gold

September 29, 2015

By Claudio Grass   It has been nearly three years since we published our first Outlook Report in December 2012. Since the

Investing in Fine Wine: a fruitful way to diversify your portfolio!

September 29, 2015

By Q Wealth Platinum Member, Neville Blech As reported in the Financial Times last month, worldwide demand for fine wine is beginning to

Paring Down the Recent Market Volatility

September 28, 2015

By Dirk Steinhoff   If you find yourself a bit dazed and confused the past few weeks, wondering to yourself “what just happened”,

How to safeguard yourself (and your assets) before it’s too late!

September 26, 2015

September 26th 2015 This is the latest Q Bytes weekly newsletter, we do not normally post these to the blog as they

Just How Well, Is Janet Yellen?

September 26, 2015

A few moments ago, the Reuters News Agency released a post, that carried the following headline … Fed’s Yellen gets medical attention,

Umbrella Asset Trusts Explained

September 26, 2015

By Tim Thorne for Q Wealth In our last article we highlighted remuneration trust planning as a flexible and compliant way of

Hard Stuff – The American Eagles are Ready to Soar!

September 25, 2015

By Jon Swyers of Asset Strategies International If demand is high and supplies are low, why are you seeing depressed gold and

Gold Pricing Trends – Can We Learn from the Past?

September 25, 2015

By Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International “Is now a good time to buy gold?” I can’t tell you how many times

Dr. Ron Paul talks about Interest Rates, Gold and Government Debt

September 24, 2015

Last month, Global Gold’s Claudio Grass met with Dr. Ron Paul in Lake Jackson, Texas at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace

Last-gasp reprieve as US extends FATCA IGA reporting deadline

September 23, 2015

Less than two weeks before international governments were due to begin reporting American taxpayers’ bank accounts to the US Internal Revenue Service,