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Top Seven Myths about Offshore Banking

February 26, 2010

PDFRead modeThere’s a lot of misconceptions out there about offshore banking and investing. Newer readers especially may believe a few of the

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Unjust Taxation on Worldwide Income

February 22, 2010

PDFRead modeIn response to some feedback received from readers over the last few weeks, I wanted to clarify what I mean when

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Panama, Singapore, Switzerland? How to Choose the Best Offshore Bank for You

February 19, 2010

PDFRead mode, Offshore Banking Consultant Our recent article on How to Open an Offshore Bank Account in Singapore has attracted a great

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Brussels Agreement Opens up all European Union Bank Accounts

February 7, 2010

PDFRead modeThe following item was published in Saturday’s edition of Q Bytes. We consider The Brussels Agreement (also known as the EU

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Malta: Little Known Tax Haven within EU

February 6, 2010

PDFRead modeMalta, Europe’s most densely populated country, is perhaps best known for tourism. It also boasts a fascinating history, an island that