noble titles

Noble Titles – Purchasing the Unpurchasable?

noble titles
Noble Titles

The theme of titles of nobility is slightly removed from our normal topics of offshore bank accounts, precious metals and wealth creation… but going back over the years noble titles have been a recurring theme of interest to readers of our private newsletter.

There are, of course, many scams and fake orders of nobility. Richard Cawte and our constitutional lawyer the Duke de Ronceray have both been instrumental in exposing a number of ‘noble scams.’ The internet has made it much easier to keep track of scammers too, and to carry out the necessary due diligence on previously unknown noble orders.

Nobility, however, does have a lot to do with wealth. As regular readers are aware, wealth is not just about riches. Wealth is about being complete, and participating positively in our communities. And this is exactly the tradition of nobility that we wish to encourage and support.

With this in mind, I have a call today to readers of the blog. I would like to know if this is a theme that interests you?

Here at Q Wealth we do have contact with some reliable, honest and genuine orders of nobility and we can make the necessary introductions. If there is a reasonable level of interest in this topic, we will be happy to put together an article for an upcoming edition of the Q Wealth Report, and perhaps to include a White Paper in the Members’ Area explaining more about the specific contacts we have.

If you are interested in ‘offshore’ nobility – that is, if you consider yourself a noble person and you seek social recognition of that fact – please feel free to contact myself, Peter Macfarlane initially via the Q Wealth communications office in London…