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5,000 kids a month added to Britain’s DNA database

April 26, 2008

PDFRead modeOne in four people being added to the UK’s huge national DNA database is a child. Do you think this is

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Big Buddy is Watching Y’All

April 25, 2008

PDFRead modeAn article just published by Egan Orion in “The Inquirer” reveals a: Secret pact allows the US to spy on UK

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WSJ says Major Banks Falsifying Reports to Hide Desperation

April 18, 2008

PDFRead modeA worrying but informative article by Carrick Mollenkamp (Wall Street Journal, April 16th) about how “one of the most important barometers

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Fear of Lawsuits Makes People do Crazy Things…

April 17, 2008

PDFRead modeIt’s Fun to Know: Wacky Warning Labels By Suzanne Richardson The fear of lawsuits can make people do crazy things. That

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HSBC loses data on 370,000 customers

April 16, 2008

PDFRead modeIn the latest of a series of examples of lack of care of personal data by governments and the private sector,

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“Avoid Heathrow” – NO2ID Expats advise

April 1, 2008

PDFRead modeTravellers should avoid using Heathrow until the airport abandons its plans for the mass fingerprinting of passengers. That is the advice