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OECD Crackdown on Tax Shelters – Update

OECD Crackdown on Tax Shelters – UPDATE: Companies who have been accused of shifting profits to low-tax jurisdictions or those seeking tax shelters need to beware—these practices are …

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computer security choices

How Are Your Computer Security Habits?

If you’ve read our new computer security report, The Complete Guide to Computer Security… for Mere Mortals, then you will recognize the analogy used about computer security and …

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fiat currency

What is Fiat Currency?

What is Fiat Currency? By Peter Macfarlane We’ve already mentioned this expression quite a few times, and I understand that many readers may not be familiar with it. …

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War is the Health of the State

War is the Health of the State  By Claudio Grass Managing Director, Global Gold AG In an essay titled “The State”, Randolph Bourne, an American writer, made a …

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market manipulation 101

That Was The Week That Was

“ That Was The Week That Was ” The Chinese have a saying … “May you live in interesting times” … and if nothing else right now, we live in …

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