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Our contributors are widely recognized as the global go-tos on international diversification, asset protection, privacy tactics, wealth creation and international investments.

They include CEO & Chairman of BFI Capital Group Frank Suess, business, tax, estate and wealth planning expert James M. Duggan M.B.A., J.D, and Q Wealth Co-Editor Peter Macfarlane of the renowned multi-jurisdictional consulting firm, Peter Macfarlane & Associates S.A.

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The Decentralization Shift – Part 1

The Decentralization Shift – Part 1

Why Digital Commodities (Virtual Currencies) will eclipse Fiat Money in the next decade. For the past hundred years, western governments have built their edifice on the notion of …

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The People Versus The Banks

An Introduction to … “The issue which will have to be fought sooner or later … The People versus The Banks” In 2011, writer Simon Lenzener wrote a short …

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What lies beyond “Big Brother Is Watching You” ?

“Irony is … 1984-style ’Big Brother’ cameras, mounted outside George Orwell’s Window!” OK … hands up … confession time. The above picture isn’t real. It’s just a clever piece of ‘fauxtography’. And no … as deliciously …

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